in deep shit !!

Mayan scholars symbolically ended their calendar on December 21,2012 and stated that cataclysmic events ‘will’ occur and ‘will’ mark the end of the world in 2012. Although astronomers and other scientists have rejected the idea, some fear the apocalypse. I take an independent stand on this as I am a firm believer on ‘living-in-the-present’ and hence don’t give a damn on the future events.

Sometimes you sense the prelude to an event. Don’t you! Events that have interconnections  between ‘Now’ and ‘Next’.  Like the saying ‘Well began is half done’ where an event at some point of time may have a role to play at a later stage on a positive note. The positive effect. And there is the other extreme -the Negative effect. The events that will have enough in them for you to actually smell the disaster which is to occur at any time after this; like one of those phone calls from your girl friend where you can ‘actually’ figure out that a disaster beckons, get ready for the battle. So, it’s a continuous process where stage-2 is a possible ramification of stage-1.

Mayans may have said it. But the happenings here makes us to fear the worse, makes us to believe that Mayans ‘can’ be correct with their predictions. Yes, 2012 thus far has been weird.

Have a look at these shockers.

People whom we elect to govern us; who are supposed to justify their role in the law-making organization; who are supposed to be the ‘solution-givers’ to our ‘problems’ are in turn the country’s biggest nightmares. Gone are the days when we had statesmen at the helm of affairs. But today we have arrogant heads who are not only willing to answer the our queries but also deem us as agents of some extremist groups( Maoists) or representatives of opposition parties( CPM cadres) ! Take the case of Bengal. Preposterous!

But its not only that. There is much more. Some of those representatives of people who went on to become ministers of Protection of Women rights and Children were caught watching obscene videotapes………not in their bedrooms but in their office,the Parliament .  ‘Porn’ which comes like ‘Popcorn’ these days have thus made their entry into the Parliament. Asinine!

Scamsters roam around free, Cartoons cause outrage (once upon a time “We were a democracy”, right? ) , a dwindling economy and an ever escalating Inflation rate. We are in deep shit!

It doesn’t end here. In spite of all these Women empowerment programmes and Women protection bills passed, Rape continues to be a burning issue nation wide. The effect is such that one of the metropolis, one of the premiere software hub have asked women to get back to their homes by 8:00 pm.  8:00 pm? In a city which never sleeps and where night life is such a big thing, that is clearly not the way to go.

Dowry, rape, molestation, crime, beating up wives- all take place in a land which worships women as Mother!

Exasperated. We are fed up. Enough is enough. We feel for the next generation. Besides coping with the Governance, Law and Order, there will be more concerning factors.  Life will be nothing but a mad-race; for food, fuel, land. Add to it the environmental issues; the effects of Ozone layer depletion and Green House are now being felt slowly and it is known that this will speed up.

If things go this way, I’d rather prefer doomsday by 2012……………..


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