Monsoon Magic…..

May-June are mostly seen as months of a calendar year. But in some places, it’s the transition time; the time for the change of batons; the time for the change of Avatars. The long and humid summers set to give way for three months of wind and water with occasional visits of sunshine. The South-West Monsoon as the Metrology dept. terms it, hits the God’s Own Country- Kerala and parts of Karnataka, extending to the coastal Goa.

Things start to completely change when the monsoons arrive.

Monsoons are associated with rejuvenation of life and joy. There is magic in it. There is Romance in it. There are endless moments of madness in it. It mesmerizes. It inspires us ; our life. There is a feeling of love and longing. For poets, this is the honeymoon.

As how Arundhati Roy beautifully elaborates her village during Monsoons in her ‘God of Small Things’.

The countryside turns an immodest green. Boundaries blur as tapioca fences take root and bloom. Brick walls turn mossgreen. Pepper vines snake up electric poles. Wild creepers burst through laterite banks and spill across the flooded roads. Boats ply in the bazaars. And small fish appear in the puddles that fill the PWD potholes on the highways. The wild, overgrown garden was full of the whisper and scurry of small lives. In the undergrowth a rat snake rubbed itself against a glistening stone. Hopeful yellow bullfrogs cruised the scummy pond for mates. A drenched mongoose flashed across the leaf-strewn driveway”.

The images of the scenic beaches, of the coconut palms swaying in the rain, of the rain drops pouring in the backwaters, of water splashing from a hole in the roof, of water trickling down a petal are pictures made in heaven.

The sounds of thunder, of hail striking the asbestos sheets, of trickling water, of those little creatures-frogs croaking, birds chirruping and twittering seem a musical arrangement.

It takes you to a different world; far away from the cities and crowds. Darkness takes over and it is just about the pouring rain. Buildings vanish from their blinding intrusion on the human eye. There is song and dance. It makes you believe that Life knows no death……

A picture speaks a thousand words….So, here it is- perfect postcard pics…….

from the backwaters
Come, let’s drench in the rain!
the journey through the leaves
the gorgeous countryside during the monsoons
sign of things to come!!
it says it all

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