Gagan..Gunning his way to glory!

India’ and the ‘Olympics’ is an interesting combo. Their relation dates back to 1900 when some Brit sprinter Norman Prichard bagged a couple of Silver medals while representing the ‘British’ India. That was one of English’s first gifts to India(others in that illustrious list includes Railways, Education System  and T20 cricket). It has been 112 years between then and this year’s Summer games in London.

Reality bites when we try to delve into the performances over each Olympics. Here is one. India’s overall Gold count stands at 9 which is exactly the number of such medals grabbed by the Great American Carl Lewis. And it is only a matter of time before Michael Phelps overtakes India’s overall medal count(all the games put together) when he swims his way to glory in the pool. Oh well. Stop it. This post should not be about that age-old ranting. It is supposed to be for something else.

30th of July. Venue, the London Indoor shooting Arena, starring GAGAN NARANG…….

Yes, there I said it. It’s a historic day. Gagan used his rifle like a magic wand to put India into the medals column and in the process, completed a hat-trick of medals in shooting following Col.Rathore’s double-trap Silver in 2004 and Bindra’s galaxy-surprising shot to Gold in the 10m Air rifle event in 2008

Photo Courtesy: Google Images

The shooters are doing what the hockey wizards of pre-Independence times did.

In a nerve-wrecking shooting that took place, it was a test in every possible discipline- skill, concentration, tension, keeping the cool and it made me think if Shooting is the toughest sport in the globe. Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore, the amazing person that he is, replied me on Twitter that it is the ‘Excellence’ in a sport that is  the toughest.

One could cut the tension with a knife during the event. After 60 rounds of shooting in the qualification and 7 in the final, it all came down to the wire to judge the medalists. And for Gagan, it was his 10.7 in the final round which got him the Bronze..

So, what does this mean for the country. Remember how Bindra’s Gold in Beijing made us believe that an Indian could actually win an Olympic Gold. Gagan’s Bronze is a much needed tonic for the fans. Hope during  despair. Joy during sorrow. Relief during madness. Enough to charge up the entire contingent.

It is worth mentioning an assemblage of reasons- Sacrifice of parents, numerous coaches who’ve been through their entire process, proper management by the association, the priceless efforts of Olympic Gold Quest(OGQ) to name a few. Not to take away his hard work and dedication. He had a disappointing outing in the last 2 Olympics and was determined to rewrite his script; for himself, his parents and the Country.

We Salute you GAGAN NARANG. You are a toast of the nation. Your success story will be told for the coming generations. But for the moment, sink in the moment; a moment which very rarely comes and which you’ve fought hard for. Share with us your memories in your book.

In the meantime, let us hope to see the Tri-colour more often in the coming days…. Jai Ho! Chak De India……….


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