Hi ‘Dirk’

18th May, 2013:

The day when we donned the hat of a ‘beggar’. That should sound bizarre when someone from the leading global business company says it. But often cricket fans in India are made to feel like that. It was match day at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. A big ticket game that, with the heavyweights clashing. Also, having reached the business end of the competition, the game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Chennai Super Kings was a highly anticipated contest .
We had tried our best, before that day, to get the tickets. We checked the online sites, contacted the agencies, friends, friend’s friends and friend’s friend’s friends for the passes. We tried our asses out , but in vain. So, we decided to go directly to the stadium premises on the match day to check the possibility of at least the ‘Black’ tickets. But in vain, again.
So, we gave up and decided to hit the Brigade Road for lunch at the McDonalds. This Brigade Road is one awesome place. It is probably the most happening place in Bangalore, fair to say, in the whole of South India. All the major International brands have their outlet here. No foreigner leaves Bangalore, without having paid a visit to this place. Pubs, Restaurants, Bars, Retail Outlets, Tattoo and Piercing, its all here. The place also resembles a margin-free shop of Hot chicks. As style and fashion rule the roost here, its not surprising that you get to see so many good looking, stylishly dressed girls flaunting their style here.

Brigade Road, Bangalore
Brigade Road, Bangalore

So, here we were at the Brigade road, on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon, checking out on the Adidas and Nike showrooms for offers. And then came THE moment outside the Adidas showroom. I along with my college buddy were passing comments on the numerous girls whom we saw there. Suddenly, we saw two familiar faces. They were the two heavily built Australians, one with his sunglasses on and other resembled the guy in the ‘Kolaveri’ song, not having shaved for two months. Both were in their black Puma Tees and Caribbean trousers. Perhaps, they had just finished their shopping session. Nevertheless, I was quick to recognize them. Dirk Nannes and Andrew McDonald. As they neared us, I went up to Dirk and said, “Hi, Dirk”, my first face-to-face interaction with an International Cricketer. And my happiness knew no bounds when I got an instant reply from him,”Yeah, Hi man!!”. Everything happened in the flash of a second. I was dumb, to not ask for an autograph, nor a photograph(which I would have happily put in Facebook), but nevertheless I was elated. That’s some compensation for not having got the tickets.


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