An open letter to the Teachers on Teacher’s day!

Dear Teachers,
First things first. Happy teacher’s day to all of you. It is a day to pause, look back and possibly pay a tribute to your selfless and sincere efforts in letting countless buds to blossom. You can all be really proud of what you’ve been doing. You have no idea of the impact that you’ve had on this world, on a positive note.
Parents, because of the emotional bond attached to us, leave some of the teachings uncovered. That is when you step in and cover the void. What you’re really good at is your understanding of us. A good/ successful teacher is one who steps in the shoes of his student, understands the strengths and weaknesses and guides them accordingly. You are the lighthouse that keeps our ships away from the dangerous rocks.
You’ve made your disciples to rewrite history. If not for Dronacharya, Arjuna wouldn’t have won the Swayamvar. If not for Krishna, Arjuna wouldn’t have defeated his opponents in Kurukshetra. If not for Ramakant Achrekar, we wouldn’t have seen the genius of Sachin Tendulkar. If not for many of you, the world would’ve been far more obnoxious than it is now, far more disrespectful and far more hateful.
Thanks again. Thanks a lot.
As they say, there is scope for improvement in all the fields; I don’t find a reason why it shouldn’t apply to you too. So, with due respect, dear teachers, here are a few advices:

  • Allow me to expand my boundaries. Let me explore the unknown rather than confining to what you know.
  • Let me express myself. Tell me what is to be done and not how to do it. I’ll do it my way. Don’t loathe me for being unconventional. Even a Virender Sehwag succeeds in the format which is supposed to be for the Rahul Dravids.
  • Learning isn’t about the textbooks and the marks. Don’t shy away from helping me out during the tougher challenges that life throws at me, at times.
  • Groom me to face the tougher situations assertively. Inculcate in me, the fighting spirit.  Take out the submissive element in me.
  • Shower me with care and most importantly camaraderie.

As Forest Witchcraft beautifully writes “ A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much I had in the bank but the world will be a better place because I made the difference in the life of a child “. Thanks for stepping into our lives day in and day out.
Here’s remembering all those wonderful souls!!


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