the Traveler..

The desire to travel is more than it has ever been. I don’t know how it peaked in on me all of a sudden. May be it had to do with the work life where it demanded our days be spent, well confined to the cubicle. It could also be because of all these travel bloggers who were thrown up in Twitter from all the directions. Nevertheless, traveling is not such a bad thing to desire; for this desire is what took Pratibha Patil to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, though as many of the satirists comment,”Her talent is such that she could never spot most of the places she visited, in a map🙂.

Photo Courtesy: Shivya Nath, the Shooting Star

Traveling has always been a part of my life. My parents ensured that most of my vacations were eventful ones. My memories as a six-year old kid being fascinated by the grandness of Bombay, is still fresh. As our car sped its way through the heart of the city, the skyscrapers on either side of the road mesmerized me. The biggest conglomeration of mankind in any form is seen in the railway routes of Bombay during the peak hours in a weekday. It stunned me. I awed in wonder. This was a completely different world to the place where we were dwelling. It was the first time I thought, as a six-year old, that every place is different in its own way. This very thought will pave the way for excitement in our subsequent visits to Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Agra, Mathura, Pondichery, Mysore, Calcutta, Mandarmoni and more than half a dozen of popular tourist destinations in Tamilnadu and Kerala.

Every new place I’ve visited till now has been so enduring. If the short boat rides in the backwaters of Cochin and in the Hoogly river were enthralling, so was the time in the cable car on our way to the Vaishno Devi temple in Haridwar, which also presented the most beautiful images of the Ganges from some altitude level. I cherished my visit to the Tajmahal during the torrid summer in Agra. I equally cherished the early morning strolls with my pals on a chilly and foggy Ooty morning. The sights and sounds of the thunderous waves in Mandarmoni are sheer bliss, but so too are the evenings in Pondichery beach.

A regular morning at home or an early morning stroll in Ooty.

The choice of becoming a ‘nomad’ is so tempting. There’s so much thrill in the nomadic life and I want to tap it. There’s no bigger excitement than waking up every morning with the understanding that a new place awaits me, in some distant hinterland, willing to make me feel at home. The hustle and bustle of the city life makes me feel intimidated, but there’s a lot to forward to, far away from it- the mountains, the islands, the deserts, the lagoons, its flora and fauna, their inhabitants and their way of life. It restores normalcy, blesses, charms, inspires, delights and more than that makes me enjoy life.

Photo courtesy: Priyanka Menon

I haven’t set any plans nor do I have any bucket lists but very shortly I’ll take off to an unseen territory, in quest of some cheeky thrills and boundless joys. I’d just go wherever time takes me, wander, sip a hot coffee on mountain tops, click pictures, fill my travel diary, blog and giggle! 

                                                    Explore! Dream! Discover!- Mark Twain


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