Nandi Hills – through the lenses

The reluctant writer in me grew from strength to strength and before I composed a new blog post, I had already made a couple of trips to the Nandi Hills( you can read my first impressions here). This trip will remain enshrined in my memories for ever. That midnight bike ride from Bangalore, that cup of coffee before the drive uphill, that Scorpio drifting in front of us in the hairpin bends, the mad race to reach the hill top, the Sun rise, the haunted house, mist filled surroundings, everything was worth living for. It was another world that fascinated me. The chill air was refreshing. Of all, the sun rise stole the show. It was as if there was a hide and seek game of some order before the sun, the glorious orange ball of fire, rose to spring life. That was the image of my lifetime. And there were thoughts echoing too,” if there’s a heaven on earth, then its here, here and very much here “. Moments like these are hard to describe and there are authors more proficient and qualified than this one, to do that. So, let the photos do the talking. Here’s Nandi Hills through the lenses:
Sun rise from the hill top– image of my lifetime!
Good morning from Nandi Hills
make the right choice- Mist filled surroundings or staying indoors?
fancy a night in these tree houses?
these pathways are so photogenic. Shake up the lenses!!
what is life when you do not get to feel the nature
the tree which is straight out of any ghost story!

Share with me your Nandi Hills experiences.

This is what I wrote after my first visit- Chill out in the Nandi Hills

There’s some charm with it that keeps dragging me and it won’t be too long before I set off for my third visit.


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