Thank you 2013

Another action packed year comes to an end. It braved all the rubbish claims of the Mayans and saw us through safely. On a personal note, 2013 presented more happening 365 days than the ones before. Chronologically describing, it all started for me with a rather dull new year’s day in the office. Coming to the office in formal wears and sending formal emails back and forth isn’t necessarily an auspicious way to kick start your New Year. But heck, that was how it started.

A couple of days later after having faked a stomach disorder, I managed to gatecrash the iconic Eden Gardens for an India-Pakistan game. It had everything that I had heard about. Face paints. Charts. Mexican Wave. Sound and Noise. India. Pakistan. And this unseen madness when the prince (Dada) went on a felicitation lap. I get goosebumps even now when I think of that day.

Office hours in Kolkata were the nightmares that Shane Warne had during the desert storm in Sharjah. Under worked. Engulfed by the illiterate Bong colleagues. Invited to official meetings where all that was spoken was Bengali. Useless bosses. And constantly bugging the bosses for a relocation to Bangalore, which aggravated the situation. Finally, after having fought all the odds, the transfer did come my way. And in between, I managed to squeeze out a fascinating trip to the Mandarmani beach with friends.

Aboard the Bangalore bound flight at the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose airport, Kolkata. A new chapter in life begins!!

Next chapter began in Bangalore. Familiar faces from the college to stay with. A new project. Beautiful times. Fun filled weekends. Regular hang outs. I instantly fell in love with Bangalore. An awesome weather and the quaint cafes are the cherries on top of the cake. 

2013 was so eventful. Profile photos in Facebook started touching the ‘100’ mark with such regularity. Photo uploads started to draw people’s attentions. Some of them were envied by the neighbours. The narcissist in me grew from strength to strength. The Blue Umbrella Events, managing the Fashion TV party in Bangalore featured us in their Facebook page. Deccan Chronicle kept publishing my articles. Twitter transformed from being this cheeky little hobby to a better ‘habit’. The tweet count kept on soaring( I am into the 10K club now). Travel bloggers were thrown up there from all the directions and they are all trying to unleash the traveler in me. Potshots and chocolates followed the blog, though the latter had a slight domination with a handful of freelance jobs coming my way. Google Plus, as Ramesh Srivats wittily quoted, “looked at all this enviously“. The smart phone came my way which meant that my online status showed ‘online’ 24*7, enough for the boring folks in Facebook to force me into a mundane chat session. With the luxury of earning, I started breaching the territory of online shopping. ‘Myntra’ and ‘Flipkart’ let out the typical Indian in me, as their offers and discounts were joyous events. Needless to say, the *Internet* was life.

2013 saw the king of retirements. The God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar bade farewell to an indescribable career. Glowing tributes, the build up to the farewell test and  the whole country coming to a halt for a few days are all what an average cricket fan in India will cherish for a long long time. The scenes in Kolkata and Mumbai, that final masterpiece and that moving farewell speech will be the most viewed videos in Youtube for years to come. People are still figuring out the magnitude of Twitter explosion that day, in some imaginary Richter scale. One fine South African who did everything possible on a cricket field would be silently wishing he were an Indian too.
Thank you Sachin. Thank you Jacques Kallis.

the priceless Digigraph from the God himself….

2013 reminded me that I am 23. I’m strolling into the second of the four phases of Dev Anand’s age clusters( didn’t he say on his 88th birthday that he turned 22 for the 4th time? 🙂 ). 2014 promises to extract more hours of ours in to the cyberspace. I wouldn’t be complaining if a few hours be spent in some distant hinterland by donning the hat of a traveler.

Thank you 2013.

I am the master of my fate and I am the captain of my soul” – Thank you Nelson Mandela!!! 

Thank you Madiba!

P.S- I wish my grandfather was around to read this post and all of my articles that gets published in newspapers.


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