Microsoft is ours da!

WooHoo. Guess what, some bloke named Satya Nadella. You heard it right, SATYA NADELLA, an Indian has been appointed the CEO of Microsoft. Yes, that same company which Bill Gates co-founded. Yes, the same company which made Bill Gates the richest man in the planet. Yes, that same company which created the world of windows. Yes, the same company with which we’ve been associated ever since we owned a desktop, 10-15 years back.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella, CEO- Microsoft

This is some serious News. Change is visible. From being the pioneers of 24*7 tech support from the offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we’ve grown, grown and grown to head the biggest companies in the world. The other day I was reading how Ruchi Sanghvi, an Indian, had played a crucial role in making Facebook, what it is today. She was the girl behind the facebook chat and Newsfeed. Shantanu Narayan heads Adobe. Prem Vatsa controls Blackberry. Pranav Mistry is the director of research in Samsung.

Thinking of all these, I remember what Harsha Bhogle remarked, seeing India’s power in the cricketing world, ” We’ve arrived somewhere in the world, you know. Somewhere in the world”. We’ve not just arrived somewhere, but we’ve sprinted our ways to boss even the mighty Americans. This country has it in it, to be the powerhouse. Not everything should be wrong with our schools and colleges, isn’t it. Most of the names that I’ve mentioned above, are the alumnus of Hyderabad Public School. Satya Nadella graduated from Manipal.

Well, Abdul Kalam Saab, don’t worry. We’ll be an economic superpower in 2020. We’re right up there.

P.S– Satya Nadella might be from Hyderabad. But first confirm whether he’s actually from Seemandhra or Telengana. Ask that Kejriwal to stage a dharna and find out. Or ask Rahul Gandhi. He’ll be able to find it, with the help from RTI.


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