A train journey through tweets

I recently embarked on a short trip to Ernakulam from Bangalore on a train. I’ve been an Indian Railway fan right from my childhood and I decided to live tweet my entire train journey this time. I had the best seat in the house- Side Lower berth in a Non-AC compartment. This is how my Twitter Timeline looked when I got down at Ernakulam Junction:











5 thoughts on “A train journey through tweets

    • Boss. I don’t find Chennai Central filthier, though things can be improved there. Have you ever stepped into Howrah or Sealdah in Kolkata? You’d literally step into shit. No station can come close to that…


  1. To each his own. Chennai Central was a disastrous experience; one that I’d like to forget. Mosquitoes, dirty toilets and that stench! Guess all big stations face the same challenges because even Nizamuddin was unkempt. Smaller stations would, of course, be easier to manage and maintain due to less footfalls. But I reckon I’m being obvious, aren’t I?


  2. Oh yes, I enjoyed that trip. Indian Railways are a fabulous way of meeting people and seeing the country.
    Have been from Fort Kochi to Margao several times and wrote a short story about an incident at the railway station and cricket ground….must get round to finishing it!


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