Tweets on Salman Khan’s Hit & Run and the Great Indian Law

As it happened…….. Chronologically…..



5 thoughts on “Tweets on Salman Khan’s Hit & Run and the Great Indian Law

    • Driver’s case is only an episode of a big story. This fellow came into the picture just a few days back. Salman hit and cowardly ran 13 years back. And then blatantly lied, manipulated and tried to influence the witnesses. I think that answers your concerns.


      • True that. Wht i meant is none talks abt it. The poor man is still their tactic and will b dragged in later too. No anchor or friend or foe talks abt this utterly inhuman pact.. Why cant anyone put forth this fact whenver the khan familys goodness is mentioned? Thats how i asked it.


      • I am sorry. I completely misunderstood your previous comment. Yes, you are right. Welcome to the rich man’s land where the rich and the influential ones shamefully exploit the poor ones.


      • That is an age-old practice but open support for people who exploit the class divide is unheard of. Hidden support, yes… But openly supporting him???? No anchor asks those who are mumbling abt charity ki if they r indeed so good, why is their drivers neck on the line? His fans and bollywood biggies are openly supporting him.. Are they overlooking this or is it ok for them? Ki jaane do… Gareeb hai. Disgusting.

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