Coffee. Foosball. College Gossips.

It’s always a delight when someone messages me and says,” Dude, I am in Bangalore. Shall we catch up? “. So when Prashanth sent me a similar message over whatsapp one fine day, I was gearing up for the meet up. Here is Prashanth’s short intro- fellow Amrita dude who is busy with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint  his Masters in Business Administration in IIM, Trichy. It’s wonderful to indulge in these occasional coffee conversations with friends and discuss with them how much our lives and careers have changed since the time we last met. Chinchu too joined us and we had decided to meet up at the Hole in the Wall Cafe in Koramangala. It wasn’t a wise decision considering that it was weekend and getting a table here is next to impossible. So, we decided to walk till Mr. Beans coffee lounge, one of my favorite cafes in Bangalore. Having come here so many times before at the insistence of Priyanka, I had memorized the Menu. The quaint interiors, quirky ambiance, Foosball set up, Bridge, Scrabble and Uno makes it such a feel-good place for a coffee outing.


Coffee. Foosball. College Gossips

Coffee. Foosball. College Gossips



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