Namma Ooru Bengaluru. Enga Ooru Chennai.

Of the Indian cities that I’ve been to and lived my life, Bangalore and Chennai are my favourites. Two big cities divided by Kaveri, united by Rajinikanth and separated by a journey of five hours in Shatabdi and SBC Double Decker. A journey dominated by baby screeches and elderly uncle advises. A journey you look forward to with the hope of finding your seat next to an extremely looking girl and end up listening to pension schemes and real estate prices from the two hexagenarian uncles seated on either side. There are so much to like about both the cities and I personally feel attached to both of them, marginally towards Bangalore. At the same time, I do not shy away from participating in the Bangalore vs Chennai debates with my friends in Twitter. So, when most of them take a dig at Bangalore for not having a beach, I give it back, mentioning the Awesome Bangalore Climate and sweltering Chennai. Here are some of the tweets from the debate that I had with the legend Nitin Srinivas.

Hopefully the 2nd part comes out soon. Macha Nitin, are you ready? I’m waiting <Kaththi style…..>











8 thoughts on “Namma Ooru Bengaluru. Enga Ooru Chennai.

  1. Loved the post 🙂
    I always obviously talk for namma ooru here in the US too when speaking to friends from other cities , but that’s not the end, when we are with friends from BLR, we debate between different part of BLR sigh, I am obviously for east BLR and the debate is never ending, it continuous every time we meet 🙂

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  2. Haha! I traveled from Chennai to Bangalore by train recently and I can relate to what you wrote. The journey was quite memorable. As rain was playing peek-a-boo with us, the six hour journey didn’t seem so long at all. And yeah, I found people to talk to, disagree with, and laugh at!

    Finally thanks for checking out my blog.

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