#BoycottKerala??? Get lost, aliya.

The #BoycottKerala spiel has been drawing excessive media attention over the past few days. A campaign which has been planned for July 26th, is to protest against Kerala Government’s plan to get rid of stray dogs. Kerala Government, which off late has been taking decisions that has surprisingly grabbed extensive national media coverage, has decided to respond strongly to the increasing dog menace in the state. Statistics tells us that a staggering 1600 cases has been reported since 2014. Though the subject can be debated upon, as is the case with any Government decision, I was furious after reading the reactions hatred pouring in from the other states and countries.

Maneka Gandhi, as she does always, stepped in. Animal welfare board fellows, who wouldn’t shell out a penny for the beggars at the traffic signals, are organizing this event. I don’t know whether that lady Pamela Anderson’s PETA has spoken on this yet. Herds of social media folks on Twitter have started trending #BoycottKerala, a plan to boycott travelling to the God’s own country if the order is not revoked. Some well mannered specimens, have even gone to the extent of questioning Malayali’s patriotism citing the ‘Gelf’ factor. Killing a dog–>Dubai settlement–>Patriotism. Wow, someone must be supremely talented in ‘Connect the dots’.

If these animal welfare board animals really care for the dogs, why don’t they just come and adopt them. What are they waiting for? There were reports of a stray dog biting 15 people in a single day in a town in Ernakulam. And these animal lovers have nothing to say for these. Bloody hypocrites. It’s easier to advice than follow the same. To those of you who wish to boycott Kerala, you are really welcome to do so. Our backwater beauties will remain the same. Our lush green cover throughout, will remain the way it has always been. Our way of life will not change. So, we do not give rat’s ass to your boycott.

“Avante oru Boycott samaram”.

Photo courtesy: @orionchampadi from Twitter

Photo courtesy: @orionchampadi from Twitter

So how am I going to respond to the #BoycottKerala campaign? Well, I’ll take the Malayali route. i.e offer ‘Pongala’ on their facebook page. Maria Sharapova. Mitchell Johnson. Ah, we’ve done that successfully before. Avante amme de………..





5 thoughts on “#BoycottKerala??? Get lost, aliya.

  1. Nice post. While it’s unfortunate that we need to get rid of animals/pests or whatever creates menace for us, there could be a more humane approach. But, their protests & hate campaign isn’t certainly the right thing to do. I am glad I’ll get assured train/flight tickets to Kochi & I can spend more hours at the Pepper House library & take my evening walks in a calmer Marine Drive 😀

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    • Thanks 🙂 Lakhs of ducks were killed in Kerala last November due to bird flu fears. And I do not see anything wrong with having the same approach to end the stray dog menace. Euthanization is unfortunate but there is no other way. Possible solution would be these animal welfare board members and animal sympathizers taking away and adopting these stray dogs. But, will they be willing. The sheer hypocrisy with which such group operate, I doubt so.


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