Confirmed: ‘Ban’ana Republic only

It was with so much hope that Indians voted the BJP led alliance to power in 2014. Our tainted image of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world had to be changed. Our march towards realizing Dr. Kalam’s 2020 dream looked stalled. And we thought the BJP led NDA would come to our rescue and take the nation forward. So, are we on the right track? Have we strolled forward? Have our citizens been served properly? Have we set the right launch pads for our youths to take off? Has every citizen in the country started to think if there is freedom to choose his/her careers, choose what he/she can wear, do what he/she likes without being forced?

Political scientists and journalists have debated, discussed in volumes and will continue to judge the performance of the Govt. And so I don’t want to reproduce it all through this blog post. I would like to voice my opinion on our freedom. After all, right to freedom is our constitutional right. And how can we think of our careers, development and better way of life when our basic freedom is curbed?

It started with the Beef Ban in Maharashtra. How can someone control my food habits? How can someone tell me what to eat and what not to eat? Then came the books, movies and some stand-up comedy shows. Those lines, stories and words which could possibly hurt the sentiments of people and communities has to be censored but politicizing the matter is ridiculous. The third victim was the elixir of a bachelor’s life- Maggi. Why is it that only 2-3 brands were banned and others continued despite the truth that all of them taste similar. What were the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) doing all these years? Were they sleeping? Almost every frigging kid in this country grew up munching the 2-minute delicacy. If his body had gotten used to accepting the alleged high levels of lead, then I’m sure it wouldn’t make any difference going further, had he continued to consume.

The most recent one in the list is the blocking of porn sites. Seriously? No one, not even a single soul which voted the BJP to power would’ve thought that their bedrooms weren’t far away from being regulated by the Govt. Our privacy which we’ve held as an inalienable right, has gone for a toss. It is such an irony that this is the land of Kamasutra and the erotic sculptures dotting the walls of its temples (Khajuraho). Banning porn is not a solution to sexual violence. Create awareness and teach your men to respect women. Dish out capital punishment to the rapists. Sentence the molesters, abusers and gropers. Do not manage someone fantasizing in his/her rooms. That is uncalled for. Of course, some of us (engineers) will have a solution to this, with the proxy servers, VPN connections and Whatsapp sharing, but the question is looming large. Are these the signs of things to come? One day you ban the porn and the next day, you might ban or target the couples walking together. You might even ban Chowmein, jeans, co-ed schools, colleges and eventually lead us to the path of Talibanization. If we do not raise our voice now, the possibility of such a draconian rule is not far away.


8 thoughts on “Confirmed: ‘Ban’ana Republic only

  1. I hate to say “I told you so”, but to be fair, I did. Well, to anyone who’d listen, at least. Considering the alternative, we didn’t have a choice to not bring this government with its idio(t)syncrasies on ourselves, I guess. What bothers me more than the ban on maggi and porn and such is the filtering that is applied to our educational institutions. Terrorists being branded as Shaheeds, blatant favouritism in appointing heads of prestigious institutions…Sigh.

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    • In India, it is almost impossible to select a perfect party. We mostly end up electing a party which is better than the rest. If not for the BJP, who would you have voted for? Congress, which has looted like anything? AAP, which is still not clear on what principles it stands for? Communists, who are on the verge of extinction? Or other regional parties?


      • If they had modernized and were not appeasing particular communities, I wished the communists ruled us. Marx’s theory would’ve done wonders in India, where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.


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