Little joys of life

I love simple pleasures of life. Like how one fine morning a friend called me and said,”Dude, I am in Bangalore today. Shall we meet up over coffee?”. Or like how I wake up to Priyanka’s call every morning. Or like staring at my engagement album every now and then and silently giggling. These things make my day. I wake up to realize some of the little joys of life these days. I had decided to work from home for four weeks. It was like taking a sabbatical and cherishing every moment of it, in the presence of Appa and Amma. Its been three years since I ditched the comforts of my home to join the mad race to make money. And since then, I’ve often thought if life could also have rewind buttons. Appa waking me up before he sets off to the office, Amma serving those hot tumblers of filter coffees as I lie down at the couch like a prince in front of the TV, accompanying annoying Amma in the kitchen (munching carrots, onions and cucumbers as she prepares the lunch), joining her in those mother-in-law daughter-in-law soaps that has been a part of every Indian household since its inception, discussing the neighborhood as well as Television gossips, the sound of the land phone ringing and how lazily sticking my ass to the couch, ordering Amma to attend it, Appa’s lunch and his customary post-meal nap before he heads back to the office again, settling down to watch the Matinee in Asianet, Surya or Kiran TV, the aroma of lip-smacking home made evening snacks, opening the door to welcome Appa and secretly wishing there would be something in his bag, evening baths, the priceless family conversations the three of us have on varying topics, from politics to relatives, the occasional (and frequent also) visits by a family friend or a neighbour, dinner, reality shows on Television and then settling down with my laptop till late night. Its not that I’ve never come home in these three years. I make my way out here twice in a month, for a weekend or at the maximum, four days. Nothing more than that. That’s why I love this period. Memories of my semester vacations and summer holidays flash by. As I said, little joys of life.


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