The Border

Some thoughts on the US- Mexico border!

There is a scene in the film, where they reach a village and notice a road direction board. Honduras was on the left. Guatemala, on the right and they are free to drive into any of the territories. While clarifying Dulquer’s doubts on the absence of border check posts, John Vijay says “Why should there be a checking point? What will they check when there is enough poverty on either side”. 

The entire area is plagued by drug trafficking, giving rise to extreme violence and corruption, that impedes the progress in these parts of the world. May be if Trump takes more responsibility in fighting the drug cartels, he wouldn’t have to spend sleepless nights in his ambitious plan to construct walls all through the 2000- miles long US- Mexico border. But will he do it? Anyone who knows a bit of world history knows that the US certainly won’t. They are too scared about a Vietnam-like situation in Latin America and the prosperity of these nations would shake the US’s powers a bit.

Viva Revolution! 

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.“- Che Guevara





2 thoughts on “The Border

  1. Interesting food for thought. In fact,there’s a long history of US meddling in Central America right from the United Fruit Company days of early 20th century to protect their corporate interests. Central America was for long a front for puppet dictatorships. There was even a huge scandal that rocked the 80s when Reagan funded Contras in Nicaragua by selling arms to Iran to stave off communism. The whole drugs,poverty,US is a chicken and egg thing.


    1. The central American countries were controlled by the European powers for centuries. The US, desperately wanted to eliminate the European influence in these parts. It was a time when the US was in a one to one battle with USSR. They knew that​ these regions leaned towards the Marxist principles and its progress would pose a direct threat to their ambitions. That’s why they tried their best to disrupt Cuba and you know what happened then😀


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