2017 Bangalore Test

BEML end, Chinnaswamy

BEML end, Chinnaswamy

I am tempted to say that Bangalore 2017 is the best test match of our lives. But the heroes of Calcutta 2001 won’t let me do that.

I am glad that the test match got over, though I would’ve secretly wanted it to carry on for ever. Let me rephrase it, when was the last time, we followed every ball of every session of every day of a test match, from the edge of our seats? I don’t remember. Or simply, there hasn’t been a test match, as good as this one at the Chinnaswamy, in the last 15 years. When I came out after having watched the Day 1 action from the N stand at the BEML end, I was tired and worn out, much like the players, and was cross because 8 of our batters had gifted their wickets to Nathan Lyon. I sought answers for so many questions. “How could you let a visiting spinner dominate you? How could you bring back the horrors of Panesar and Swann? We have attacked even Warne and Muralitharan in their prime and aren’t O’keefe and Lyon lesser mortals?” I thought the test was over and the Border Gavaskar trophy would simply stay in Australia. But, everyone including the Umpire’s call had other ideas.

I followed the Day 2 action on TV, Day 3 on Hotstar, Day 4, again on TV and not going to the stadium in these 3 days, will remain one of the massive regrets in my life. I should’ve been the 12th man from the stands. India’s resurgence and discipline in the first session of Day 2 took us back to Calcutta. But the turning point of the game has to be Ishant’s spell to Steve Smith and the funny faces that followed it. It was fodder for the meme makers, fans and Virat Kohli. Oh, and before this, Ashwin produced the mirror image of his ball to Amla in the T20 semifinal, to send back David Warner and made millions, like me, join the send off party.

None of the defensive strokes bored anyone. There was action in every ball, literally. Every leave drew comments from close-in fielders. Funny faces followed every time the ball beat the willow. Kohli loved the scenes. He would have paid millions, even his IPL contract, to be in this moment. The moment even got to Pujara, of all people. Yes, even to Cheteshwar Rahul Dravid Pujara. The cameras captured him involved in the chatter. Day 2 saw only 197 runs scored off the 90 overs. But that was already the best day of the Home Test season. Chinnaswamy showed the world that it loved its test matches like Lords and MCG, as the crowd swelled even on a weekday.

When the going gets tough, classical test batsmen know how to survive. They will negate the naughty bounce by shuffling. They will negotiate the flight, loop and classical off spinner’s wicket taking trajectory. They will not poke outside the off stump. They know exactly when to drive and when, not to. They play with the opposition’s patience. They prod. They defend. They leave. They grind it out. They survive. And slowly, they notch up the runs. That’s what Dravid and VVS did in Calcutta. That’s what Dravid did in Jamaica and Leeds. And that inspired two shy young men in Rajkot and Mumbai, who saw these knocks on TV. Fifteen years later, they pull off the unthinkable. They produce the partnership of the decade, which the knowledgeable fans rate, as the best since Calcutta. No wonder that Kohli rated Pujara and Rahane as the team’s best test batsmen. But it all started with KL Rahul, the prodigious dude from Bangalore, who can switch with ease, from batting like Dravid to batting like Sehwag. 90 and 51 when the bowlers were all over the batters, should inspire him to emulate the gentleman with whom he shares his name and city.

I couldn’t miss the Day 4 action. It would’ve been criminal. So, I decided to work from home. But I could barely work. I knew where my thoughts were. And just like that, the Aussie pacers orchestrated our batting collapse. It was breathtaking fast bowling. I had the best seat in the house on Day 1 in the N stand to see Starc ‘air’ swinging the red cherry. It was quite a sight. I could see how it curved, sitting 80m away. But it didn’t find the timber then. And when it did, on Day 4, it looked beautiful, like it had found its rightful hang out place. We were down from 4-down to all back in the hut.

188 to win. Plenty at stake. Kohli’s pride. Ashwin’s pride. Chinnaswamy’s pride. India’s pride. And yeah, the frigging Border Gavaskar trophy. Recent stats showed it was unconquerable. But Warner could conquer it in a session and a half. Smith could play on for ever and make runs. Renshaw could carry on despite, having to answer the nature’s call. Defending the score wasn’t going to be easy. And then it all began to happen. Renshaw fell. Warner looked to end Ashwin’s career. He tried to sweep, slog-sweep, paddle-sweep and even the reverse sweep, but couldn’t connect. And when he did, it sailed over long on. Ashwin, for the first time in the test, felt the pressure. Kohli would’ve been tempted to take him out of the attack. But he somehow, gave him another over. Warner’s eyes lit up. He could’ve sent the ball to Brigade Road or even the metro. But he loses his balance, almost falls over and importantly, fails to connect. Trapped. Leg Before Wicket. Umpire’s call seemed like a thing of beauty to billions. Two down. The bounce was uneven. Even Ishant Sharma was unplayable to Steve Smith. Everyone wanted the ball be given to Umesh Waqar Younis Yadav. Kohli acknowledged. Umesh came charging in, from his short run up. The ball skidded. It kissed the worm in the pitch, after pitching. It bounced that high. All this happened at pace, at 90 miles an hour. The shooters continued. One of them traps Shaun Marsh well outside the off stump. Trapped. Leg before wicket. Cacophony followed. A miscommunication during the DRS discussion saw him walking back. Umesh’s next shooter, rolls of the pitch and fetches him the wicket of his career. Steve Smith’s third brain fade moment in the match happens. He was not good at abbreviations, from school days. Dressing Room Review System is going to haunt him for the rest of his life. Pujara rushes in. Kohli is animated. He gives a mouthful to Smith. Umpire shows Smith the way. Kohli has a lot of things to say. Chinnaswamy is on its feet. The boos begin. Four down. It’s India’s game to lose now. I compose a couple of tweets to express my displeasure at Smith’s behaviour. Another wicket falls. And in a matter of another 15 minutes, Ashwin runs through the Aussie line up. Another game. Another fifer. Kohli starts sprinting. He gestures his celebratory pose towards Kumble and the entire Chinnaswamy. The series is squared. Michael Vaughan is elated. So, are the poms. Border Gavaskar trophy is alive. Ah, Bangalore 2017 is the best test match of our lives, along with Calcutta 2001. I am going to preserve the match ticket. It is Gold.


3 Years in Bangalore

House hunting in Bangalore is a painstaking affair. It’s a test of your temper. The sky rocketing prices will intimidate you, just like the way it did when we went looking for houses in Electronic City. There is absolutely no room for negotiation and you will have to shell out lakhs as security deposit. Yes, Lakhs. I might as well, invest that amount on a chunk of land in Kerala. Plus, if I were to rent a house in their apartment complex, I would have to pay 3000 for some maintenance shit on top of the inhuman monthly rent. This is when I realized, probably for the first time, that I really need to reconsider my earlier decision to settle down in the city permanently. I might earn more here than in my hometown but what’s the use of it, if a large portion of that ends up in some filthy rich multi crore apartment owner’s pockets. I went about thinking about all these for the next 2 days when I realized that it’s been 3 years, since I made this beautiful city of Bangalore, my home.

ISKCON temple, Rajajinagar

                                            ISKCON temple, Rajajinagar


May 1st 2013. Jet Airways flight touches down at the Bengaluru International Airport. 

Bangalore has always been the city of our dreams. When people chose hill stations for picnics and college tours, we chose Bangalore. Back in 2010. Colorful showrooms of the international brands, the tag as the country’s only naturally air-conditioned city, glitzy malls and multiple cafe outlets where people of our age hung out with their hoodies and shades, were all the images that made us fall in love with the city. Every street looked picturesque. The lakes looked beautiful. There was so much greenery. The parks looked like paradises. That’s why I was so thrilled when I landed in the city to pursue my professional career.  And I was also meeting the love of my life here.

Cubbon Park mornings!

                                                    Cubbon Park mornings!

The ride from the airport to my friend’s PG in the dust bowl of Bangalore, Marathahalli was not so impressive. There were multiple traffic jams at Manyata Tech Park, Tin Factory and Krishnarajapuram (KR Puram) and they were of the levels that I had never seen before. It wasn’t even slow-moving, it was simply still. I walked around Marathahalli, between the dusty and congested streets that housed hundreds of paying guest facilities, predominantly occupied by the IT fellows. The construction work and non-tarred roads let out dust particles in huge amounts that clouded the entire area. The roadside eateries and bakeries looked unhygienic but everyone of them were crowded. Surely, this was not what I had dreamt about the garden city.

The next day though, was blissfully different. I got into the 335-E Volvo from Marathahalli, got down at Mayo Hall and walked all the way through Brigade Road to the MG Road. The pictures around were so impressive. The swanky Metro entering the MG Road Metro Station from Trinity, was quite a sight. So were, the tree lined boulevards. So were, the green and yellow auto rickshaws that buzzed past. And she got down from one of those.

It’s been 3 years here. I’ve done a hell lot of things here. I’ve cycled around Ulsoor lake in the early hours of the day, when most of the city conveniently stays put on the bed. I’ve walked around the streets in Kalyan Nagar in the midnight with my drunk friends. I’ve partied. I’ve stood in awe staring at the symbol of luxury that UB City is. I turned a true Bangalorean when I polished off Karnataka-styled Masala Dosas from MTR. I tried my luck with all almost all the cuisines- French, English, Mexican, Arabian. I’ve boarded buses from Majestic and Shantinagar. I’ve laughed my ‘ass’ out with over “Doddanekundi“. I’ve travelled through the picturesque, serene and tree-filled streets of Malleshwaram and ended up envying the residents. The early mornings at Cubbon Park were always special. So, were the evenings in Domlur where we played cricket in the floodlights.

I’ve gatecrashed Chinnaswamy stadium to cheer the RCB, whose jersey is all what Bangalore stands for- colorful, grand, flamboyant and eye-catching.

I don’t know how long will I continue to stay in Bangalore. House rents are already digging holes in my pockets. Traffic has always been a nightmare. An efficient public transport system has only remained a dream. And with the kind of administrators, you wonder how long would it take for the Namma Metro works to get completed. Trees are cut and lakes are encroached to house IT parks and posh apartment societies. Pollution is on the rise. The summers have become terrible. Hours of unscheduled power cuts are a day-to-day affair. There are rumors about possible drinking water shortage. Indian Institute of Science (IISC) has just conducted a study which reveals that the city would become unlivable in 5 years. These are disturbing developments. These are not how you want your dream city to be. I’ll have to take a call sometime, may be within the next 2 years, but till then, I will go and explore the unexplored parts of the city.




Jewellery ads and election posters dominate the 'Stick No Bills' part of our walls! ‪#‎Thrissur‬

Jewellery ads and election posters dominate the ‘Stick No Bills’ part of the walls! ‪#‎Thrissur‬

"You are not a Malayalee if you haven't travelled on these #KSRTC"- Jacobinde Swargarajyam

“You are not a Malayalee if you haven’t travelled on these #KSRTC”- Jacobinde Swargarajyam

Election campaigns are on full swing! #Aluva

                              Election campaigns are on full swing! #Aluva

I was sweating profusely throughout the day. The humidity levels were simply unbearable. Global warming is more than evident in these parts of the world. To tackle it, more air conditioners are added and it’s just a one-way route as far as Global warming is concerned. May God save our planet.


The ‘Over’ of a lifetime: As it happened

Nehra Ji....... Pic Courtesy: Twitter

                                                               Nehra Ji

Jasprit Bumrah has just sent down his sixth yorker of the over. Chinnaswamy applauds. Couple of players rush to pat the bowler on his back. The bowler breathes a sigh of relief. He had a terrible time on the field early on. But those are past memories now.

All eyes turn to the big screen.

“11 Runs to Win from 6 Balls”.

All eyes, now turn to the center of the pitch. There is a mini round table conference there. Everyone knows who is going to bowl the last over. Hardik Pandya, the swagger from the Wild West (Baroda), the funky hairstyle owner, the brash young man, the obvious six hitter, the generous six donator, the displayer of youthful energy on the field and at times, a Sreesanth impersonator, is entrusted with that duty. This could change his life, both ways. He could be a hero who would be celebrated. He could also be a villain, who would be the butt of all jokes on social media. His newly constructed glass house, could be pelted by stones. The next 5 minutes is going to decide everything. He is seen smiling though, pretending as if he is cool. He cracks a joke with the umpire. And slowly, strolls his way to the bowling mark.

He starts his run up. There is tension written all over him. After all, this is Chinnaswamy. A bowler’s nightmare. The home of high scoring T20 thrillers. The six hitting paradise. The small boundaries. Plus, the opposition is not Australia, its Bangladesh. You can’t lose to Bangladesh and all. It’s a prestige issue. We helped them get Independence. And their fans and advertisements have been tastelessly taking a dig at us. They knocked off our captain’s head with the help of Photoshop. We simply cannot lose this game.

First ball. Hardik tries a yorker outside off. The ball deserved a boundary. It should’ve been drilled to the short cover boundary. Even a Pakistani batsman would’ve done it. But it is Bangladesh. They can’t do it. The ball is easily stopped by the boundary patroller Sir Jadeja. Single.

“10 Runs to Win from 5 Balls”

Another round table conference begins. This time it is chaired by His Highness Nehra Ji. Dhoni casually chips in. The three of them turn around 360 degrees and look at the field. Nehra Ji tells him what to do, where to bowl and at what length. The loyal disciple Pandya nods in agreement. Everyone walk back and take their positions. Pandya runs in. With his typical ‘medium pacer from the street cricket’ action, he sends a length ball. The sort of balls you need as a batsman, to boost your confidence. Venkatesh Prasad used to hit sixes of those dollies in the practice nets. But it is Mushfiqur Rahim. He fires it wide off extra-cover and manages to get a boundary. Only a boundary. But, it is 4 runs nevertheless. The tension slightly diffuses. You know the match is slipping away. This is after all Chinnaswamy. A bowler’s nightmare………….High scoring………..Six hitting…………small boundaries…….

“6 Runs to Win from 4 Balls”

Nehra ji is not amused. Even he would have tonked that for six. He starts a conversation with Dhoni and summons Pandya to the middle. The lecture begins. Some traffic patrolling follows. Fielders swap positions. Yuvraj is seen relaxing, fully aware that he will not be the punching bag this time. Chinnaswamy’s noise levels reduce by half. Kohli is sporting a gloomy look. Surely man, he can’t lose at Chinnaswamy. This is his home. Meanwhile, Nehra Ji has finished communicating his ideas to Pandya. Let us see what he does. He sends a short gentle medium paced delivery. Normal batsmen would’ve conveniently hooked that and deposited in to the crowds. But it is Mushfiqur Rahim. He has Misbah’s genes. He goes for THAT shot. Galaxy surprisingly, the ball manages to kiss some part of the willow and gravity defyingly, beats Dhoni’s hands. 4 more. Rahim lets out a celebratory cry. Boss, that should be after you win a world cup. Not now. Anyway, Bangladeshi dugout explodes. Chinnaswamy is stunned. The stadium has been muted. Kohli is about to cry.

“2 Runs to Win from 3 Balls”

Nehra Ji has given up. Still, Dhoni drags him to give Pandya some final advises. Rohit Sharma joins, probably to remind everyone that he too captains an IPL side. Everyone feels relaxed. There is no way that we can win the match. I manage to take a loo-break and come back. I am not going back to the bean bag. I decide to stand. Pandya bowls a gentle half tracker. I have seen Gayle dispatch every such delivery to Cubbon Park. But this is Mushfiqur Rahim. He is half the size of Gayle and has one-tenth of the power that Gayle possesses. He goes for the pull and sends the ball straight to the fielder in the deep. Chinnaswamy slowly makes noise. But they aren’t convinced fully. Its just two required and any sane mind would knock that off. Two singles would do.

“2 Runs to Win from 2 Balls”

Nehra Ji is expressionless. He hardly believes that we could win. Without much interest, he shows Pandya where to pitch it in. Pandya nods. And after all the advises, he forgets to even pitch the ball. Juicy full toss. Slow ball. Short boundaries. Mahmudullah’s eyes lit up. There is a chance he could do a Dhoni and set off on a victory run. He wanted to be a hero and gives in to the situation. He smashes the full toss. If it was Dhoni, the ball would have hit the roof of Chinnaswamy. He has patented this art of finishing games with a six. But this is Mahmudullah. He would not even clear the Chinnaswamy boundary. The ball neatly nestles in Sir Jadeja’s hands. Sir Jadeja dives. The players rush to him from everywhere. Nehra Ji gives out a cheeky smile. Pandya has gone bananas. The noise levels increase. We can now smell victory. But all three results are possible. The super over possibility is looming large.

Already a contender for Dronacharya Award

                              Already a contender for Dronacharya Award

“2 Runs to Win from 1 Ball”

2007 Johannesburg memories come flashing by. Within a couple of minutes, Joginder Sharma starts trending worldwide. Pandya is a Joginder Sharma kind of bowler. All the five balls have been worse than what Joginder bowled. Each one of them deserved to go for a boundary. What is with Dhoni and trying his luck with mediocre bowlers. Final round of talks begin. Nehra Ji is animated. He wants to win a Dronacharya award badly. He starts the tutorial. Dhoni remains ice cool. Nehra Ji is telling him all the possible deliveries. He tells him you can try a bouncer, or a slow bouncer, or a straight Yorker, or a wide Yorker from around the wicket, or an off cutter, or a back-of-the-hand slow ball. After discussing the possibilities, Nehra Ji has the final word. Bang the ball in, he gestures. Pandya okays. Dhoni nods. Chinnaswamy is on its feet. Kohli is about to explode. MC-BC is just about to come out. Ravi Shastri is being missed in the commentary box. Pakistani fans bite their nails in anticipation. Pandya runs in, for one final time in this never-ending over. As advised by Nehra Ji, he bangs the ball in. The batsman goes for an imaginary upper square cut. He misses the ball. Cacophony. Dhoni collects it. He starts sprinting. So does the non striker. Its a direct 100 m race between the two. In a flash, Dhoni knocks the bail down. Non striker reaches. It is difficult to judge on naked eye. The umpire asks for the third umpire to step in. Dhoni is not sure. The non striker is expressionless. The TV replays start. The front foot is all okay. And now, for the frame that would be the decider.

Wow, This Frame!! Frame it.

                                                  Wow, This Frame!! Frame it.








The Love Story

“I love you. To the moon and back” were the words of an innocent girl. Nah, she isn’t that innocent. She bullies her guy. She chides him when he pulls her legs. She cuts the phone call when he reminds her of her school reopening after a Sunday. She turns into a ‘Nagavalli’ when he makes her walk on a sunny afternoon in Bangalore. She gets worked up when he doesn’t take his pronunciations seriously. She argues. She fights. But all these fizzle out the moment she looks into his eyes. She erupts into laughter, often teary eyed, and the innocence returns. That’s her character. That’s what made him fall for her. That’s what made him come to a conclusion that she is his girl. 

When Priyanka Menon met Bhaskar NH at the Brigade Road in Bangalore on a pleasant Bangalore morning, she was thrilled. He was stuck in between reality and cinema. Filmy dialogues rushed through his mind. “Winds whisper a melody. Skies hum along. The moon nods”. And what not. He was nervous. He didn’t want to embarrass himself by trying Mohanlal’s cliched romantic dialogues. He just held her hand, looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back and he knew what the response was. They fell in love without even proposing. Within no time, she was making fun of his Irish Green tee and his black Puma flipflops. He looked like a school boy. She looked stunning in her magenta- black attire. He was nervous again. He remembered the dialogue from ‘Thattathin Marayathu’, “All the good looking girls in this world have awful looking boyfriends”. He wished he didn’t fall into that category. He backed himself and decided to proceed. They discussed a lot of things that day. About convincing parents, wedding, careers, dreams, books, traveling together, her idea of starting an art store and his plans to pen a book. Every moment seemed like a chapter of magic and blissful madness. Every moment triggered a swarm of butterflies within. 

She read a lot. Books and words lit her instantly. She loved the writer in him and has ever since desired that he authored a book some day. A desire he is yet to fulfill, though he hoped to break the shackles soon. 

She is creative and artistic, while he represented the other end of the spectrum. She had a craze for paintings, craft works, scrap books, photo frames and loved collecting things. Money had no role to play in her life. She treasured little joys of life like a bed coffee with a smile, ‘Rise and Shine’ message early in the morning, #100HappyDays challenge and living in the moment, something which she has unknowingly imparted to him. He loved the way she is. 

He is ‘an introvert to outspoken’ in progress. Travel bug bit him some years back and he was yet to recover from it. So, while she liked to stay put inside the closed comforts of home, he roamed around places, trying to unearth the tales of different people he met on the way. 

It is true that when a girl steps into a guy’s life, he becomes mature. He feels he is important. He feels that his life has a new meaning altogether. He feels that his voice is getting heard often. He starts ‘planning’ his life ahead. The journey becomes more thrilling, from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’. There is a shoulder to lean on. There is a soul to share your happiness and tears. There is a hand to hold on to. There is a hand to hold yours and say that everything will be okay. There is an eye that peeks into yours every time you stare at a hot girl in her party wear. And then, a hand to give a punch if the staring continues.

Their journey so far, has been like that. They didn’t ‘fall’ in love. They simply rode on it.They liked the way they are. They spoke the way their hearts could connect. They looked at things only their eyes could see. They fought over issues only they could fight. They were themselves. They had their egos as well. But their egos allowed them to understand each other better. 

Its been three years. Three beautiful years. Every moment they spent together has been picturesque. That day. Their first date. Their first selfie. The Coke spill at the McDonald’s. Serengeti. Early morning attendance at Au Bon Pain for French breakfast. Mexican lunch. Thattathin Marayathu dialogues. Bengaluru Darshan on Ashwin’s Suzuki Access. Hang outs with their crazy set of friends. Moments spent in the rain. Gossips. Shopping. The birthday cake. Fort Kochi. Scrap book. Tabbie. Cubbon Park. Engagement. And here they are, all set to tie the knot on November 8. 


The first selfie

                                                        The first selfie

Kitsch Mandi

                                                          Kitsch Mandi










Beautiful Day. Bangalore Days.

It’s not often that your weekends start as early as 6.30 am. Most of the city would be cuddling under the blankets at that time, still a long way to get over the Friday night’s hangover. But we had other ideas. We had decided to meet up at the beautiful Cubbon Park, a serene nature lover’s paradise, where most of Chris Gayle’s 100m sixes land. Such is its proximity to the Chinnaswamy stadium. Its been more than two years since I made Bangalore my home but I never came here for an early morning stroll. I cursed myself for that.

"Look deep into nature and you'll everything better"- Albert Einstein

“Look deep into nature and you’ll understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

"Its pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

“Its pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it”- Ron Swanson

The wintry winds blew over Bangalore yesterday and there was this Ooty-like chillness in the air. There was greenery all around, with each flora showcasing different shades of green, switching from dark to light back and forth. The rolling lawns looked so neat and clean and the only randomness were the beautiful yellow colored flowers that one could spot in a Malayalee’s household during Vishu. There were sit outs where one could simply settle down, stare at the nature’s beauty all around, search for the sun between the lined up array of trees, get lost in the tranquility and cherish your soulmate’s company.

"For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her." Some people do spend their whole lives together. - Anna Scott

“For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her.” Some people do spend their whole lives together. – Anna Scott

The eventful day continued as we headed to the Dunkin Donuts in Brigade Road for the brunch and for a meet up with my all time best buddies. After multiple attempts in clicking good pictures, we set off to Amoeba for a round of bowling and then by evening, we headed straight to Domlur for a game of tennis ball cricket. Needless to say, such an amazing day. I type this when I am preparing to go the office. Monday Blues. Ah, fuck.

Dunkin Donuts, Brigade Road

Dunkin Donuts, Brigade Road

Partners in crime

Partners in crime





Namma Ooru Bengaluru. Enga Ooru Chennai.

Of the Indian cities that I’ve been to and lived my life, Bangalore and Chennai are my favourites. Two big cities divided by Kaveri, united by Rajinikanth and separated by a journey of five hours in Shatabdi and SBC Double Decker. A journey dominated by baby screeches and elderly uncle advises. A journey you look forward to with the hope of finding your seat next to an extremely looking girl and end up listening to pension schemes and real estate prices from the two hexagenarian uncles seated on either side. There are so much to like about both the cities and I personally feel attached to both of them, marginally towards Bangalore. At the same time, I do not shy away from participating in the Bangalore vs Chennai debates with my friends in Twitter. So, when most of them take a dig at Bangalore for not having a beach, I give it back, mentioning the Awesome Bangalore Climate and sweltering Chennai. Here are some of the tweets from the debate that I had with the legend Nitin Srinivas.

Hopefully the 2nd part comes out soon. Macha Nitin, are you ready? I’m waiting <Kaththi style…..>