An open letter to the AAP from the sane 90 generation

Dear AAP,

First of all congratulations on a brilliant debut in the Delhi Assembly elections. We, like millions in the country are in awe with your performance. It really needs guts to take on the lions. You’ve shown us what we all are capable of. You’ve shown us that if the system is corrupt, we can clean it by throwing the culprits out. You’ve shown how a common man’s voice can be heard. And you did show us that common man could not be taken for granted.
Now that Delhi has shown the way, it’s for the other cities to follow. 2014 will be an action packed year for Indians. By the end of this year, we’ll have a new Prime Minister and his set of Ministers leading us and in a way shaping our future. They’ll be the torch bearers of the hope of the economic superpower status in 2020, as dreamt by our former people’s president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
For many of us who are born in the 90s and a handful of first time voters in them, Gujarat’s Development model as engineered by Shri Narendra Modi shows glimpses of realizing that dream. Yes, there are religious sentiments attached with the right wing politics but many first time voters are more bothered about their and their country’s future than delving deep into an unfortunate past. They’re the ones who adore Shah Rukh Khan and A.R. Rahman the same way they idolize Rajnikanth and Shankar Mahadevan. Religious differences are as important to them as the floppy disks to this generation.
Now, what’re the chances and reasons for us to vote/not vote for you in the coming general elections? You’ve successfully campaigned against the corrupt Netas, nailed a few dirty hands in the cabinet and have appreciably orchestrated the biggest anti-corruption movement in the country. But governing India is far from just that. What’s your stand on the economic issues? How would you react if Pakistan violates yet another ceasefire agreement? What would you do for Walmart? How would you tackle the religious issues in the country and how do you address the regional trouble makers? What’ll you do for the law and order situation in the country? Rapes and Acid attacks are on the rise and what would you to do to ensure that the women in this country feel safe?
It’s easy for an Aam Admi like this writer to pose questions. But you’re not just an Aam Admi now. You’re our representative. Every one of us who go in to vote this year will have those questions in the mind and if you could chart out plans and let us know your take on issues other than corruption as well, it will clear the air. And Kejriwal ji, I know IITians make the impossible possible. I am sure you’ll be no exception either.
Thanks. Best Wishes. Cheers.
Yours sincerely,
An Aam Admi (no, not your party member)